Darren Ball

During this time, I have found Trident Projects and their staff of exemplary character. Nat Talarico in particular, whom is the Director, is most industrious and ambitious to succeed in anything he embarks on. Nat and his crew at Trident Projects are honest, display diligence and Integrity at all levels, and are very approachable and accommodating, which enables them to get on well with all their business associates, consultants, clients and stakeholders.

I cannot speak highly enough of Trident Projects for their integrity, reliability and Quality as a Commercial Builder. All the staff possess the correct skills, experience, intellect, and determination of a very high calibre. They are very impressive when it comes to Construction & Project Management, and always produce and seek an industrious approach to their work.

Nat has personally been involved in the building and construction industry for 25 years and he clearly shows the experience, knowledge and ability to resolve any building issues logically irrespective of the complexity in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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